Vita Day Products Premium Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse

LINICALLY PROVEN SUPPLEMENTS – Pure Formula Milk Thistle 1000 By Vita Day Products Works Great As a Liver Cleanse, Liver Detox Supplement and Liver Cleansing Diet.

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Milk Thistle Pure Extract [Silymarin for Liver Cleanse, Liver Detox, Liver Support and Antioxidant] 60 Easy to Swallow 450mg Tablets - No Soy - Liver Bonus Report with Every Purchase!
  • ★HIGHEST SAFE DOSAGE FOR FAST RESULTS FOR MEN & WOMEN - Buy Quality with Easy To Swallow 450mg Pills Giving You Great Results.
  • ★CLINICALLY PROVEN WITH NO SOY - Pure Formula Milk Thistle Supplements Works Great As a Liver Cleanse, Liver Detox, Skin Conditions and Liver Cleansing Diet.
VitaLiver Liver-Health Cleanse and Detox Supplement with Milk Thistle - Herbal Liquid Blend of Chanca Piedra, Dandelion, Artichoke and More
  • MORE ENERGY, BETTER DIGESTION, BETTER YOU! That’s what a healthy liver can do. When your body’s largest internal organ is detoxified and in tip-top shape, you may find it easier to lose weight...not to mention more vibrant skin.
  • CHANCA PIEDRA IS ESSENTIAL! So many liver support formulas neglect this incredible detoxifying herb. Chanca Piedra helps kick-start your digestive system so your liver can push toxins out of your body fast…
Puritans Pride Milk Thistle 4:1 Extract 1000 Mg (Silymarin) Softgels, 180 Count
  • The exceptional benefits of Milk Thistle are due to its antioxidant properties, which help to optimize health and well being
  • Milk Thistle helps maintain healthy liver function by supporting the structure of the outer cell membrane of liver cells

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Features And Works Of Pure Milk Thistle Supplements:

1. Rebuilds Liver Cells & Removes Toxins.

Rebuilding liver cells & removing toxins – the key features of this liver detox by Vita Pure Products Pure Milk Thistle.

2. Powerful Anti-Oxidant And Anti-Inflammatory.

Milk Thistle, has been clinically shown to be a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and provides cell regeneration. It is significantly more powerful than either Vitamin E or Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant!

3. May Reverse Liver Damage.

Milk Thistle as a liver support & liver aid can decrease and possibly reverse liver damage from over-the-counter-medicines, prescription drugs, excessive alcohol consumption and pollutants found in the environment.

4. The Vita Pure Products Advantage: Safe & Pure Milk Thistle

Safety and purity of our products are very important to us at Vita Pure Products. This liver aid supplement is made in the USA in a Certified GMP facility and it’s a Non GMO Supplement giving you the highest level of safety and quality for you and your family.

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