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How To Choose Acid Reflux Foods To Eat?

How To Choose Acid Reflux Foods To Eat

In this post, I would like to show you how to see what are good acid reflux foods to eat.

First, remember not to mix protein-rich foods such as meats or dairy products with carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice and pasta. This is so important because they both require different types of enzymes to be used in order to break them down in the stomach.

When the stomach needs to release both enzymes at the same time, the enzymes lose their effectiveness since they neutralize each other. When this happens, the food sits longer in the stomach and even larger amounts of enzymes need to be released.

That is why a steak with fries is not considered as one of those foods to eat with acid reflux. A much better solution would be to eat the steak with a green salad. By the way, any green vegetable is perfect to combine with any other type of food since the green vegetables are easily absorbed by the body.

There are other things you can do that are not directly related with the type of foods to eat with acid reflux but that will greatly help you with you condition.

For example, you may consider drinking less during a meal. This is helpful because liquids dissolve the strength of the enzymes in the stomach. The stomach then needs to release additional enzymes (alkaline and/or acidic) to deal with the food.

Also, you want to make sure that you chew your food thoroughly. This seems silly but it is very important because the bigger the chunks of food the stomach needs to break down, the more enzymes it will need.

In conclusion, remember that it is not all about what foods to eat with acid reflux. Either way, by following the simple rules that you just learnt about in this article, you will be able to easily see what good acid reflux foods to eat are.

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