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How Acid Reflux Food And Drugs Work?

How Acid Reflux Food And Drugs Work

Many people suffering from acid reflux are looking for foods to avoid acid reflux. This is a good first step since it is a more natural way to deal with acid reflux. Others look for conventional drugs to help them deal with the acid reflux.

The problem with acid reflux drugs is that they have some serious side-effects. Many of these drugs are linked to liver function damage and the build up of toxins. Even worse, these drugs are linked to the production of a hormone called Gastrin.

This is serious because an over-production of Gastrin is linked to esophagus cancer. This type of cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in America. If you think this is not truth, you should consider why doctors will only prescribe drugs like Prisolec and Prevacid for only 7 days at a time.

The reality is that these drugs not only have serious side effects, but do not produce the long-term relief that you are looking for. A national statistic indicates that 95% of the people taking these drugs experience only momentary relief.

I hope the information in this blog will help you find your own way to get rid of acid reflux by finding the right acid reflux foods and how to combine them.

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