Health Plus Super Liver Cleanse

The liver is a very sophisticated gland that can regulate your blood sugar levels to ensure your body is functioning properly; when glucose levels in the blood stream are high, the liver stores the excess to be released when levels drop. Super Liver Cleanse may help support this process.

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Do you know how hard your liver is working? Your liver plays many different roles in the body, assisting with functions such as digestion, immunity, and metabolism and cleansing. It is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates, which then turn into monosaccharide glucose and are stored for when your glucose levels fall below normal.

The liver also produces bile, which helps break up fats into small digestible pieces and converts them into energy. Exposure to environmental toxins, poor diet, medications, and alcohol, can overwork the liver and set the stage for major health conditions. Without a properly functioning liver, your body can become toxic and slowly begin to shut down.

Super Liver Cleanse is an herbal blend loaded with support for a healthy functioning liver. Artichoke Leaf, Beet Leaf and Astaxanthin are known for their antioxidant benefits. Antioxidants are chemicals that help fight off naturally occurring free radicals within the body. Turmeric is added to help support bile secretion.

Producing bile is an important part of the digestive process because bile absorbs fats and helps break down proteins, fats and starches. Bile also helps rid the body of cholesterol.

Super Liver Cleanse is just one of 8 different body cleanses offered by Health Plus Inc. The Total Body Cleansing System is designed to let your body focus specifically on one targeted cleanse at a time. This allows you to process the product more efficiently and may help you gain significant benefits from your cleansing regimen.

Super Liver Cleanse is available in capsules. Maintain optimum health with liver cleanses and the other total body cleanses.

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