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There are so many liver cleansing products out there, but unfortunately, not all of those products meet our high quality standards and expectations.

LiverCleanseTruth is finally dedicated to analyze the best liver cleansing products on the market to provide you enough information so as to give you an informed decision before spending your hard earned money.

By doing extensive market research, analyzing thousands of customer reviews from Amazon, Walmart & eBay, taking health expert’s opinion from various discussion board & health blogs, here, we have narrowed down the list of products which are very effective and useful.

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Is Liver Cleansing Detox For You?

Is Liver Cleansing Detox for You

Although alcohol, rich food, food additives and medications are the most common cause of liver problems, there are other factors that you should be aware of. These factors play a part in each of our lives and can include the toxins and pollution in the air that we breathe daily.

Household sprays and products with strong fumes could also play their part in working the liver harder. When our liver starts to struggle it is time to look into the liver cleansing detox that could give your liver the boost it needs. Liver detoxification is very simple and you will quickly see the results.

The liver cleansing detox can help to rid your body of all those built up toxins and poisons to ensure that your liver will soon be back up and running at full speed. When your liver slows down it affects everything in your body. Not only will you be starting to feel sluggish but you will likely feel completely drained.

Your liver is responsible for so many different jobs in the body and in keeping your body in excellent condition. When you are in need of a liver cleanser, your entire body will feel the impact.

The liver cleansing detox can be aided by you ensuring that you increase your intake of water and fresh fruit and vegetables. You don’t have to go overboard, just think of it sensibly – during the liver cleansing detox your liver will be working hard to cleanse the body of toxins and poisons, so if you choose to drink alcohol and rich food you are really not helping.

The liver cleansing detox process doesn’t take long, so for that short space of time just be extra vigilant about what food and drink you place in your body. This way you are ensuring that your body will get the most out of the liver cleanser detox.

The liver cleansing detox program can have your body back up and running at full speed in no time at all. Liver Active only uses natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary medications. If you want to start feeling in good condition again just try the liver cleansing detox – and give your body a boost.

Liver Cleanse – Learn About The Liver Detox Cleanse

The liver performs lots of the vital functions that keep all our systems running smoothly and safely. However, all of these factors may easily cause the liver to become overworked.

The liver’s role is to filter harmful substances the blood, to regulate the cholesterol levels, to secrete bile for digestion and also to regulate hormones needed for all the metabolic functions. It furthermore stops cuts from bleeding too much and it stores the nutrients obtained from food. The liver even produces the enzymes that burn fat.

If the liver is overloaded with toxins, it won’t function as it should be, leading to problems such as too much weight, unexplained fatigue, skin problems, digestion irregularities, and more.

Cleanse you liver to increase energy levels. The blood’s capacity to supply oxygen to your organs is hindered if the liver is clogged with toxins from foods with preservatives, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, even prescriptions or over the counter medications. This causes that unexplained fatigue you have probably experienced many times.

Liver Cleanse To Lose Weigh Naturally

As said before, cleansing the liver makes it easier for the organ to accelerate the metabolic rate and also to regulate the cholesterol levels. These result in rapid weight loss.

Cleanse Your Liver To Have A Healthy, Glowing Skin

Detoxified and cleansed blood means a better circulation. Better circulation provides more skin supportive nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C to repair and improve the texture of your skin. Better circulation also results in getting rid of harmful substances quicker for clearer, more glowing skin.

Liver Cleanse For A Better Digestion

The liver secretes bile to digest the foods you eat. Bile breaks down fats so enzymes can convert them to energy as needed. Intolerance to certain fatty foods or indigestion can be signs that your liver is not working to full capacity.

A properly cleansed liver will lead to a better and faster digestion. This is, summarized, what liver can do for you. It is very important to take of your liver for optimum health and vitality and this is how you can do it: Try not to eat too much high processed foods and go more with fruits, whole grains, and vegetables instead.

Avoid stimulants. Instead, improve energy levels with simple exercise such as walking.

Drink plenty of water. Your liver needs water to flush out the toxins.

Manage your stress levels. Easier said than done, especially this time of year! Just remember to take some time for yourself.

Do an all natural “liver cleanse” made from herbs known to be healthful for the liver.

An all natural liver cleanse can be one of the best things you can do for your body. Over the years, your liver takes on a lot of toxins and it is very important to do a liver cleanse to remove all of these with natural supplements or home remedy liver detox.

Liver Cleanse

The liver has an important part in your body and in your life. It is one of the heaviest and largest organs in your body. The liver is placed to the upper right of the belly just under the ribs and is an important aspect in the proper functioning of your life.

The main function of the liver is processing nutrients from foods, and then the liver makes bile and removes unnecessary or harmful toxins from your blood and builds up proteins. It does about 500 bodily functions.

It truly is one of the most important parts of your body, but with the current era and the pollution that we have in the air, food, or any other kind of pollution around, the liver has to work that extra mile to keep you up and running. You can see how important it is to have a great liver cleanse solution.

Imagine that due to all the pollution or because of some irregularities in your food intake, your liver does not function properly. If your liver does not function properly, what will store all the vitamins, the minerals, and the sugars in your body?

With the problems to the liver and the organ not working properly there would be nothing to filter your blood and to remove the harmful substances in your blood causing you to get sick or get fatal diseases.

Neither would there be any storage of extra blood for emergencies that the liver stores. These circumstances make it extremely important to have a liver cleanse program that works to restore order to the liver.

A liver cleanse is a very important duty you should perform to keep the liver healthy and active and to clean it regularly. If you don’t use a liver cleanse, you might even get diseases such as hepatitis A, B, and C.

The liver produces bile, which is a yellowish-greenish liquid that helps in digestion and without it your digestive system, might not work properly.

So, all together cleaning the liver is a must for everyone, no matter how careful they are with their eating and drinking. A great liver cleanse will detox your blood and eliminate harmful toxins.

Do You Need Liver Function Tests?

Remember nothing is as important as your health. Sadly, more and more people are concerned about the affordability and necessity of a variety of medical procedure.

More and more people worry about whether or not a test, medication or procedure is really necessary – or if you are just lining some rich pharmaceutical company’s CEO’s already healthy wallet. One of such procedures with concerns is liver function tests.

Did you know that there are a number of liver function tests and not all of them measure the functioning of the liver exactly? They are useful at discovering liver damage and disease, but how really useful are they?

First of all, the main liver function tests may be done for a variety of reasons. In addition to testing for damage and disease, they are also vital for monitoring current disease fighting medication and procedures.

This is important because liver treatment is expensive and understanding the extent or lack of improvement gives liver function tests a crucial role. But what if you do not see any diagnosed liver diseases or damages? Are liver function tests able to detect such ailments?

Liver disease and damage usually carries with it a variety of other symptoms and consequences that are found before any of the liver function tests are employed. For example, blood work is usually used to examine liver function and liver function tests are usually only a secondary examination into what the root of the problem might be.

In fact, liver function tests are conducted by drawing blood. The blood is simply analyzed differently with an emphasis on the absence, scarcity, or abundance of a variety of enzymes which might indicate faults or malfunctioning in the liver.

That said there are no risks or side effects to any of the liver function tests, apart from very mild soreness at the site of withdrawal – usually the arm. Lab results are usually available within a few hours or days.

Now, you can see liver function tests are primarily engaged for those already with liver damage or, once preliminary data points to liver disease and damage. As such, it is unnecessary to have unprompted liver function tests.

As the costs of health care skyrocket, it is more important than ever to have as much information as possible and further investigation into liver function tests will only serve you well in the future.

Liver Detox Is Good For Your Body In So Many Ways

What is the simple but most effective way to be healthier with more revived energy? The key lies in one of our very own organs, obviously the most important one, and it’s just below your diaphragm. Yes, you guessed right.

The key is in your liver, which is an extremely important organ in both animals and human beings. You will be amazed at how many crucial functions our livers carry out day in and day out 24/7.

Below are some of the most crucial functions of our livers.

  • Detoxification
  • Stores glycogen and certain vitamin
  • Aids in the production of hormones
  • Helps in the red blood cells decomposition
  • Aids in digestion
  • Protein synthesis

And the list goes on and on, but in short, you can think of liver as ‘the processing factory’, which filters out harmful toxins and chemicals, breaking down and flushing them out of our systems. Unfortunately, the liver can and will wear out.

Therefore, it is of our best interest to take the very best care of our livers. How? You need to detox your liver. You can safely and effectively detox your liver few times a year to keep your liver strong and healthy. Remember, a strong liver is the key to health and longevity.

Face it; tens of millions of Americans have high cholesterol levels. In large part, this is due to wrong diet habits. The liver is the organ which bears the brunt of these dietary indiscretions.

As we get older, our cholesterol readings tend to jump. If your doctor has tested you and found your cholesterol readings to be rising to an unhealthy level, you may be prescribed one of the stating drugs, which causes your liver to stop producing cholesterol. This is one method of cholesterol control, but perhaps not the best solution.

The natural way of controlling cholesterol level is not by forcing it with chemicals, but you should detox your liver smart way so that you can control your cholesterol the safe way. Here we introduce a simple, but very powerful, 3-step Liver Detox plan.

The Liver Cleansing Detox – 3 Easy Steps

If you want to get the most out of the liver cleansing detox process there are a few steps you should take before and after the liver cleansing starts.

First Step:

It sounds fairly basic but the first step is to increase your water intake. Clean filtered water with a slice of lemon is ideal. Start this a week before you plan to start the liver cleansing detox that way you will be giving your body a head start and the increased water will naturally start to clear your body of toxins.

We are supposed to take at least 2 litres of water per day and not many of us drink this much water. If you can drink as close to 2 litres per day up to a week before the detox and during the liver cleansing process you will be giving your body a really good head start.

Second Step:

The next step is to improve your diet up to a week before starting the liver cleansing detox and during the liver cleanser process. Avoid rich and fatty foods and increase your daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The internet and your grandmother can be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to choosing healthy recipes that are rich in fruit and vegetables. By making these changes to your diet you will be really helping the liver cleansing process and it also means you will get the best results from the liver cleansing detox.

Third Step:

At least one week before the liver cleansing detox actually starts cut out alcohol completely. Ideally, your main liquid intake will be water. By cutting out alcohol the week before and during the liver cleansing process you are giving your body the best opportunity to get the ultimate liver detoxification results.

By carrying out these three simple steps prior to the liver cleansing detox you are giving your body the best opportunity to clear itself of all built up toxins.

A liver cleanser can work wonders and if you follow it correctly you will enjoy new found health after the liver detoxification process is complete.

Your liver can get back to working on the jobs it is designed to do. You should notice a difference in your general health as well. You should start to feel less tired. You may notice your body is processing your intake of fats better and you could say goodbye to that horrible sluggish feeling.

Detoxification And Cleansing: The way To Determine If You Need It

Think you are toxic? One’s body shows some symptoms that you’ve accumulated toxins. These toxic compounds can impact your whole body fitness and well being.

There are actually times that you simply feel sluggish. Your system may well expertise continuous aching, diarrhoea, constipation, and a sense of clumsiness. Rapid weight gain and the incapacity to lose the excess weight may also be indications of having toxins inside the body.

Moreover, toxins discovered inside the body are accumulated and stored on your fat cells. For Americans who are eating the common American diet plan, a person may perhaps consume a lot more toxins than they are aware. In cleansing your body and cleaning that undesirable waste within your cells, you need to take notice of your elimination organs.

You will discover particular organs inside your body that handle cell waste management. These organs play a major role inside the detoxing method for a healthy and fit body.

1. Your liver is the organ that recycles the unwanted chemical contaminants in the body. It sorts out the toxins and places them to the correct organ for elimination in the course of the process of circulation. The key elimination organs will support the liver on where these toxins will likely be stored and next eliminated.

2. The lymph glands also play a significant role in eliminating the poisons. A network of tubing brings out the excess waste of the cells from the body and to the final eliminating organs. The appendix, thymus, tonsil, and spleens are key lymphatic glands that help the significant organs of the body in cleansing and detoxing.

3. The kidneys aid within the water management of the body. They are what maintain the superior chemistry of the blood alkaline by reducing the dissolved acid waste. You are able to assist your kidney to work really well by having a lot of water.

It is much superior if you drink fresh alkaline juices and purified water. You may take ounce of alkaline everyday to observe positive results on your body weight.

4. The lungs are the organs that maintain the purification of the air that gets into the bloodstream. They allow the oxygen to go straight to the circulatory system. It’s also responsible in eliminating waste gases which are found in each cell of the body.

Deep breathing and fresh air is very valuable in preserving the lungs healthy and absolutely free from toxins. For anyone who is within the urban location, it’s suggested that you discover an oxygen rich region where you’ll be able to perform deep breathing.

5. The colon is really a solid waste management organ within your body. Doctors have discovered lots of men and women that may perhaps have heavy mucus and rubber-like solid waste which are discovered within the colon walls.

Detoxing and cleansing the colon could be a very rough task to try and do. However, having a colon totally free of waste can undoubtedly supply you very good advantages of getting a cleaner and healthier body.

In case you are encountering some indications of cleansing, you might attempt doing some standard exercise. Physical exercise can be a good critical way in acquiring a fit and healthy body.

Quite a few diet plan doctors also suggest that you drink plenty of lemon water. This is a powerful method of sustaining good circulation and can boost the pace of detoxing in the body.

What Are The Main Benefits Of A Liver Cleanse?

The liver is the largest organ in the human body and it’s also one of the most important, since it’s the main digester and also metabolic agent that are responsible with processing liquids and foods required to maintain a functioning, healthy organism. Once the liver stops working or starts functioning bad, both physical and mental diseases start to kick in.

Many people are not actually aware of the fact that they need to do a liver cleanse, and they are not really focusing on this problem. It is very easy to understand that once the liver is cleansed; all the toxins and dangerous substances in the body are being eliminated. This helps us to keep up a proper body and a good health all the time.

Let’s have a look on how a liver cleanse benefits our body.

1. The gallstones are much easily eliminated after a liver cleanse is performed. Many people believe that gallstones can only be found in the gallbladder but the truth is not really like that. There are thousands of such stones that also build up in the liver, blocking the bile ducts of the liver and putting very much stress on it.

2. When the liver isn’t cleansed, sickness founds easier ways to kick in. The bile ducts are responsible in digesting fats by transferring bile from the gallbladder to the liver and finally into the small intestines.

3. When the liver is full of toxins, impurities and dangerous substances, it doesn’t work at its best and starts transmitting outside symptoms such as skin inflammation. An un-cleansed liver is one of the main causes of acne, pimples, psoriasis, cold sores and other skin ailments.

4. The liver’s condition also reflects on our disposition and psychological state. If your liver is properly cleansed, you will always enjoy an optimistic attitude and a good mood.

The toxins gathered in the liver pass through the bloodstream, into your brain and that’s what’s causing the bad mood and mood disorders. If the toxins no longer exist, of course they won’t be able to get into your brain’s blood supply and thus not affect its functioning.

5. You will also lose weight while performing a liver cleanse, since the liver is one of the most important organs for metabolism in the human body.

When the liver is not functioning well, the fats are not metabolized and they start depositing on many areas of the body, especially the abdomen. A “liver cleanse” helps you get rid of this fat and keeping it that way.

How Does Liver Cleanse Work?

If your liver is not functioning properly, you will suffer from headaches, unexplained migraines and all sorts of allergies you might not even had before. You also experience high fever and hives. Once the liver is properly cleansed, these symptoms will completely disappear.

There are many foods available, which naturally liver cleanse without any other side effects. Vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, watercress, and Brussels sprouts contain nutrients and enzymes that detoxify the liver, and cure it from ailments supporting it in performing its role. So start your Liver Cleanse today to help you feel better.

Love Your Liver And Live Longer – Liver Cleansing Diet

Cleansing your liver is a process that can be done in your home or under direct supervision of a medical professional. According to doctors, individuals who are fighting chronic illness of toxicity in the body may benefit from a liver cleanse diet.

Liver cleanse diets may also offer additional benefits to the user. Before attempting any new diet program or cleansing technique, be sure to speak to your doctor for more information.

A liver cleanse focuses on consuming healthy foods or supplements that are meant to promote increased waste excretion in your body via the digestive system.

You will be required to drink a large amount of water in order to flush toxins from your body via an increase of urine production. You may also eat foods that are high in fibre and low in saturated fat to increase bowel movement regularity.


Cleansing your liver via the use of a specific diet may be used in the treatment of many minor medical conditions. One use of a liver cleanse is to remove toxins from your body that would otherwise affect your skin health.

For example, the website suggests that unnatural toxins in your body may lead to skin acne. Extra toxins in your body will cause your liver to become sluggish and congested which may lead to skin blemishes.


Most liver cleanse diets are meant to be a temporary process. Most detoxifying or cleansing diets are recommended for only seven to 10 days before eventually returning to a normal nutritious diet plan. Depending on medical history and current health status, liver cleanse durations may differ from one patient to the next.


Detoxification or cleansing diets are not proven by any scientific research as of October 2011. While these diets are touted to remove toxins from the body, there is a large amount of disparity among various liver cleanse diets on the market.

In addition, some cleansing diets advocate the use of herbal supplements that need to be purchased in addition to other foods.


Liver cleanse or detoxifying diets may cause you to lose weight. You may experience a level of fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness, or diarrhoea while undergoing a liver cleanse. It is suggested, the best diet is a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean sources of protein.

The Liver Cleansing Diet will not result in weight loss unless you are overweight as it balances your metabolism. Many sick people are underweight and by improving their liver function, will increase their appetite and maintain or gain weight.

By improving your liver function, the workload of the immune system is reduced and many illnesses caused by inflammation or chronic infections will be gradually overcome.

Who Can Benefit From The Liver Cleansing Diet?

Everyone can benefit from the Liver Cleansing Diet as it is designed to improve overall health and immune function. Those who are in greatest need of this diet are people with the following health complaints: Excess weight, liver disease, gall bladder disease and other conditions such as high blood pressure, general digestive problems, allergies, elevated cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches or migraines, women on HRT and those who consume excessive alcohol.

Many people struggle with excessive weight and a sluggish metabolism all their lives and find, as they age, that they gradually gain more weight and become resigned to a large protruding abdomen and stubborn fat deposits.

After years of going from one fad diet to the next, which leads them on a “yo-yo” journey to ever-increasing weight and frustration, they come to believe nothing can possibly lead to lasting relief for them.

We have computers, the Internet, sophisticated global satellite navigational systems, babies for post menopausal women and other amazing achievements, so why do we have all these overweight, unhappy and unhealthy people who cannot find a solution?

In life, real solutions are generally simple (not simplistic) and they are logical and practical. They must also be easy to follow; otherwise, they end up in the too-hard basket.

The liver is the most important organ in the body when it comes to your health and longevity. Take the letter “r” off the end of the word liver and what does it say? “Live”! If you wish to have a long and healthy life you need to have a healthy liver.

A fatty liver is far from healthy; it is being choked with unhealthy fat. The liver cells and the spaces that form the structure of the liver filter become swollen and distorted with unhealthy fat and so they cannot function efficiently.

Liver Health? Support The Body’s Detox System

The liver is your body’s own Environmental Protection Agency – it works continuously to screen, monitor and cleanse the contents of your blood – quite an important job! The ability of your liver to perform its cleansing operations efficiently and effectively depends on the balance between its cleansing capacity, the amount of cleansing you ask it to perform and the tools you provide to help it perform its functions.

While the liver is an extremely efficient organ, it can be overwhelmed with toxins that accumulate as a result of lifestyle activities. Things that can contribute to the pool of toxins that the liver must detoxify include the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the liquids we drink.

Other contributors to the overall toxic burden include drugs, heavy metals and other chemicals we are exposed to at work and home. Smoking and alcohol intake are also obvious contributors to our overall toxic load. All of these factors play a part in increasing the liver’s workload.

If liver supportive co-factors are not present inadequate amounts, the liver can become inefficient at performing its duties. Co-factors necessary for liver and functioning include antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables, which function to help the liver directly and support our body’s production of innate antioxidants that fortify the liver’s detoxifying capacity.

Lifestyle choices play a critical role in keeping your liver from getting old. The liver relies on the presence of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in vegetables and fruits to carry out many of its processes.

Cooking food rather than eating it in as closest to a raw form as possible lessens many associated health benefits. A key exception is with tomatoes, which cooking to gain maximum health benefit from the body.

Not being overmedicated can have a significant positive effect on the liver’s well-being. Several over the counter and prescription pain medications have known liver damaging side effects. All these medications are metabolized by the liver and excessive use can cause harm to the liver.

Quitting smoking too can play a huge role. Tobacco smoke contains over 40 recognized carcinogens, Over 2000 separate chemicals in cigarette smoke are capable of oxidizing cell membranes and proteins.

Vitamin C, E, Beta-Carotine, Alpha-Licolic Acid and Selenium are all critical tools for a health liver. The form the foundation of the liver’s ability to protect itself from the collateral damage the can be caused during the chemical reactions it performs when regulations energy flow back to the body, rebalancing amino acids, packaging and repackaging fats and cholesterol, producing bills acids and converting toxins to harmless compounds.

Fish oil too can support the liver’s metabolic function. Taking healthy fats also changes the ratio of healthy to unhealthy fats in the body. Unhealthy fats bog down the liver’s ability to detoxify harmful chemicals.

Healthy amounts of fish oil supplements (3-5000 mg) support fat metabolism, bile production and liver function. Unilke unhealthy fats, fish oil are not stored by the liver.

In summary, the liver is one of the most important organs in the body to ensuring overall wellness and taking care of it has a huge payoff.

Liver Detoxification – Act Now

Ample research should be done and a lot of resources are available in health clinics, gyms, hospitals, bookshops and of course online. Detox diets are generally uncomplicated and typically a list of food restrictions are given such as the aforementioned saturated fats which could end up clogging your liver, refined sugars and coffee are just a few of them.

Whole grain fibres, fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water make up the liver detox diet. The keyword is fresh, avoid processed or foods with preservatives if possible raw whole foods or organic produce is the best option.

Very little protein is consumed in this diet it due to that reason that proper consultation with a physician is necessary as improper or prolonged liver detox dieting can cause protein deficiency.

Supplements found in health shops are also good options to take as they are made to encourage a specific organ in this case the liver to produce enough enzymes that will combat toxins that are filtered from the blood.

What makes the liver detoxification significant? The liver is a vital organ that maintains overall health. Keeping the liver healthy and fully functional is important. Toxins get filtered and are stored in the liver; toxic build-up damages the liver leading to liver poisoning.

One must practice liver detoxification to eliminate toxins and waste build up. And because the liver’s job is to detoxify other organs once it is found to have toxic build up then it not only poisons itself but poisons the rest of the organs in the process.

Headaches, aches and pains, hormonal imbalances, skin problems and sluggishness are just some of the symptoms of a liver in need of cleansing. Naturopathic doctors recommend annual liver screenings as well as annual detoxifications to ensure that your liver is healthy.